Unity: Sci-fi RPG project

Personal project

An idea for a sci-fi action RPG in an original universe. Mankind is on the verge of self destruction, fighting for power over the last few scraps of Earth- when all hope seems lost an alien race appear and lead them to a new world with promises of rebuilding the human race. The price? Their free will. Those that choose to follow these ‘Seraphim’ on their quest from the ‘Creator’ will be free of disease, given longer lives and guarenteed safety within the confines of an ancient city. Those who refuse will be left to fend for them selves in the hostile out-lands.

The player takes control of Tysho, a normal outlander who becomes infused with nanomachines that grant him the power to change his flesh into into an organic armour. Together with a few allies he becomes wrapped up in an oncoming war between the Seraphim and the shady out-land military organization HIMA (Humanities Independance and Restoration Alliance).

Game design