Heck: Comedy adventure game project

The creatures of Limboo eventually become the furniture...

This is Chef. Heckian of few words but has a way with big, pointy bits of metal.

Even the lowliest creatures can become badass with enough souls.

A poet, gentlemen and puppy lover he is not.

The sweet, kind and supremely dim witted Angelica. Her heart is set as making it as a pop star and she's not about to let a little thing like not being to sing get in her way...

The Guardian Heads of Heck watch the only exit. And bicker among themselves for all eternity.


A concept that started out as a comic book story that I’m attempting to replicate into a game. It follows the story of Stan Beelz, once proud and respected ruler of Heck who has lost his power due to a sudden lack of souls entering his world. The player takes control of Stan and ventures into wierd and wonderful worlds to uncover the sinister truth. Expect slapstick gore.


Personal project


Game design